Kandie Monaee

November 28, 2018 – 6:34 pm

Kandie Monaee Kandie Monaee
Kandie Monaee @ WeFuckBlackGirls.com
You’ve probably heard of Dr. Steve Holmes. He’s a world-renowned sex educator, and this fellow specializes in working with swinger couples. Often, Dr. Holmes sees couples who have issues in the bedroom. Today it’s Kandie Monaee and Spouse Kyle. This isn’t their first time to see Dr. Holmes, either. U see, Boyfriend needs a spicier sex life, one in which multiple partners are involved. Kandie has some marvelous "BFF’s" he’d love to share with her, and Hubby’s indeed perverted, so he’d be okay with sharing Kandie with his buddies, also! Kandie, however, is a little apprehensive. This is where Dr. Holmes comes into play. He’s going to counsel the couple on polyamory and all its precious benefits! And you are about to witness today’s session! How is Kandie gonna handle it all — from getting over her shyness, to 2 big, white ramrods stuffing her ravishing, luscious clutch and batty mouth? And where’s all that cream going to go!?
Kandie Monaee Kandie Monaee
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