I Love Laundry Days

September 4, 2008 – 5:30 pm

I Love Washing Days

Note to readers: The laundry room in an apartment building or dorm, or a laundromat, is a great place to hang out if u wish to see hot hotties wearing very little. Why? It is effortless. When a hottie does her wash, you got to figure that what that babe throws on to wear is the last thing at the bottom of her drawer, the raggiest thing, and that is often the thing that is most revealing, like Lola‘s short shorts in this movie. So, boys, hang out at your local coin laundry…even if u don’t have any washing to do. As for Lola, she’s Twenty 3 and from Tennessee, and she’s been modeling since she was 13. Not like this, certainly. This started happening…well, about a month agone. Have joy.

I Love Laundry Days


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