Ginger and Courtney Look Like Sisters and Fuck Like Animals

March 26, 2007 – 12:32 pm

When Ginger and I go out together people, especially boys, often mistake us for sisters. That’s ‘cuz we look so similar and one as well as the other have long golden-haired hair and bodies so pleasant and fuckable they are really to die for. We can not help laughing when ever they say that ‘coz they would be truly shocked if they could solely imagine what we indeed receive up to when we are home alone.

Ginger and I have been living together for quite some time and we know everything it takes to give every other the maximum amount of enjoyment possible. I can acquire down and work my tongue on Ginger’s enchanting tasty clit just like magic, and she’ll tell lies there in heaven, begging me not to stop. However, I know that if I keep going and let her come, then I’ll not at any time acquire my turn. So I always make sure that I prevent just when that babe is getting close to climax and indeed getting close to coming.

Then it’s my turn for some pleasure. Ginger can’t live with out going down on me, and I always let her, but to get really close to big O, I need to have the feeling of smth going inside my love tunnel so I acquire ginger to finger fuck me during the time that this babe is tongueing my clit for me. It is great coz Ginger knows exactly what I like and that babe knows how to use her fingers to the maximum effect. She’ll just eat my muff and finger bonk me all night if I let her and she indeed receives carried away with all the licking with tongue and engulfing. I’ve no idea honestly if that babe prefers for me to go down on her, or for her to go down on me. All I know is that I come each time that babe goes down on me, and when it’s all over, I notice that Ginger has come also, during the time that that babe has been eating me out. I love her for that.

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