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June 29, 2010 – 12:58 pm

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Candy and Sara have been longingly staring at every other for the entire last semester in class but neither of them truly had the guts to say anything to the other until the final day of class. Candy was sure that if that babe didn’t tell Sara that this babe thought that babe was hotter than hell then this babe’d regret it forever, and that babe was so right! As this babe passed her on the way with out class she grasped her arm and told her in a lowered voice “I’d tanalise u so bad if u were my girlfriend”. Sara looked at her shocked but remarkably turned on and told her to chase her back to her place.

Sara didn’t live far from campus and when they got back to her place she dragged Candy through to the bedroom and poked her down on the daybed. Slowly she strated to disrobe her stripped but when this babe got down to her downy dark-skinned mesh briefs she lingered. This babe slid her hand down in to these mesh briefs and let her fingers softly carress Candy’s velvety fur pie. Candy started to breath harder and it merely served to turn Sara on even more.

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