Farm Fresh

December 27, 2018 – 9:08 am

Farm New

Farm Fresh

Carmen’s family lives on a farm and she often works in her dad’s stable. Although it sounds wholesome, Carmen is anything but. Sure, that babe comes across as fresh-faced and ravishing. But this babe is really a bit of a wild child. Carmen loves rough sex and her beloved position is standing up. “I’ve had sex in a car and at school, but I wanna try other places too.”

A stable is an atypical place to receive bare, but we can ignore the sawdust if it means getting to watch Carmen’s dunky mounds and constricted body. She starts fondelling her twat throughout her underwear and decides to take it inside where it is more comfortable.

U can tell that Carmen loves it rough and fast just by the way that babe works her twat with her fingers. But more of that later. For now, sit back and have pleasure this farm new babe’s wicked twat show.

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