Elle Voneva

March 8, 2019 – 6:30 pm

Elle Voneva Elle Voneva
Elle Voneva @ GloryHole.com
Sometimes, it begins as a elementary trip to seize a movie scene at the store. Make no doubt of it or not, some people still adore the DVD format, and Elle Voneva is one of these people. And believe it or not, there is still a mom-and-pop clip store in Elle’s neighborhood, likewise! The store is set up so the front is full of Hollywood blockbusters, and the back of the store? Well…it’s a "sleazy" part of the store where the obscene episodes are available to buy. U can preview the vids in advance of u buy them, too, which is exactly where Elle eventually ends up! Once in the preview booth, things happen: Elle receives turned on by the movie scene and resolves to quietly rub one out. Then, the lad in an adjacent booth shoves his dick throughout one of the holes in the wall, so Elle makes a decision to engulf on it. Why not copulate him, also? Then this babe gives him some other "blowie" until this chab shoots a load all over the place! Almost any of it got all over Elle’s face, but it flew all over the preview booth, also!
Elle Voneva Elle Voneva

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