Demi Sutra

September 13, 2018 – 5:34 pm

Demi Sutra Demi Sutra
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Demi Sutra is on her way to Barcelona! To prep for her voyage, that babe discovered a tutor and hired him for some Spanish lessons. There is just one problem: that Lothario is also impressive! Demi has a very difficult time thinking about Spanish when all this babe can think about it Teacher’s greater than standard penis! Is it cut? Uncut? Big? Girthy? How is Demi expected to remember words and phrases when she is so slutty? On their last encounter, Demi makes her move. Sure sufficient, the Coach has a larger than standard, uncut European weenie that tastes bewitching! He sure can eat pussy, also! More admirable yet? The Trainer pounds the shit out of Demi’s stylish, freshly-shaved cum-hole! After a valuable banging, the Coach pulls out and Demi jerks a colossal load all over her gorgeous, swarthy body! What’s a priceless goddess to do but allow The Tutor to feed his load to Demi directly off that captivating body?!?
Demi Sutra Demi Sutra
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