Daisy Stone

January 18, 2019 – 8:39 am

Daisy Stone Daisy Stone
Daisy Stone @ GloryHole.com
Daisy Stone is a sex worker, and this day she is about to apply for a job at a local adult bookstore. It is a particular kind of bookstore that caters to a wide array of customers: there’s lubes, gracious garments, toys and DVDs in the front of the store; in the back, it acquires a little "sleazier", as there is a episode arcade section as well as various booths where hawt ladies can entertain fellows separated by a glass wall. You can merely imagine what goes on! Daisy needs work, so during her interview, the manager of the store gave Daisy a trip of the place! U can only imagine where this babe ended up — the "hole". Video arcade booth number 5. The "cruisy hole", where lots of hawt action goes down! And sure sufficient, minutes in to enjoying a impure video, Daisy was paid a visit by the pervert in the next booth! He put his arm though one gap, groping Daisy’s bumpers and bawdy cleft and even lightly choking her! Daisy desires the customer please, so this day all her holes are open…which the pervert bonks until that chap drops a tremendous amount of cum. Daisy’s covered, but she doesn’t mind at all! Hopefully it’ll mean she is got the job!!
Daisy Stone Daisy Stone

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