Charley Chaplin

September 3, 2019 – 9:38 am

Charley Chaplin Charley Chaplin
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Producer Indiana invited prospective client John over to go over the details of their deal pool side in his hilltop mansion. Indianas glamourous wife and his top musician Charley, floats along topless in her immense flamingo as the men discuss investors. Neither can fully concentrate with her backbends into the water. Eventually Indiana jumps in the water to unveil off his wife a bit. She’s into him, but her mind is elsewhere. Charleys gaze is fixed on John whose trunks are getting tighter and tighter. Dripping damp she saunters over to invite him in for a gulp. This babe pulls him into the guest bedroom where they one as well as the other notice mid-fuck Indiana watching. That woman chaser doesnt appear to be angry so this babe calls to her boyfriend. Charleys dream of finally getting rogered out of her mind comes true as her boyfriend rubs his adore toy between his palms whilst another chap dumps his mountainous load into her desirous cookie. Life will never be the same for ’em one time more.
Charley Chaplin Charley Chaplin

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