Brittany Andrews

November 19, 2019 – 2:36 am

Brittany Andrews Brittany Andrews
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Brittany Andrews makes her first IR comeback in over 20 years just for Dogfart! This is her 3rd IR scene in history and we are please to have it. Brittany scored on Craigslist today. Usually the studs she goes after thinks shes nothing but a catfish and no unveil, but this day this babe landed two lengthy dicked bucks to come fuck her in front of her well-paying cuck of a spouse. This babe assures the gentlemen hes got a mannequin cookie for a dick and is no threat at all. They enjoy the specie and the mountainous fun bags on the hot blond so they arent likewise worried about the sniveling sack of skin shes standing on. Rico and Slender go balls unfathomable in Brittanys butt, or her spouse gap as she calls it, and after a hearty facial, they leave. Brittany allows her boyfriend to join her on the sofa. This chap licks her face and mellons clean like a precious puppy and she assures him that babe hasnt forgotten about his award either. After taking a glob of the Craigslist strangers cum off her chin, this babe rubs it on the end of a lengthy dark-skinned vibrator for lube and pops it right into her husbands aperture. In her Dogfart initial appearance, Brittany Andrews being one of the industrys pegging pioneers, brings it to the Dogfart screen for the 1st time in 23 years of updates.
Brittany Andrews Brittany Andrews

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