Brea gets her clean shaven hole pounded!

September 14, 2007 – 8:45 am

So I have viewed the neighbors for a pair of weeks now. some petticoat chaser and his smokin’ hawt wife that just moved into the mansion next door. That lads wife is so hot its got to be illegal. I know that that ladies man spends all day out. This day I decided to sneak over and peak throughout a window and peep inside. U will by no means guess what I saw! This blond bitch was getting herself drilled in the bedroom and it was not her spouse! She must have taken that guy’s hawt meat-thermometer every which way but Sunday and then kept begging for more. I thought I was a dead stud for sure when this babe saw me peeking in the window. I’d have run from there and not at any time looked back if that sexy playgirl had not given me this knowing wink. She WANTED me there! I stayed and watched the whole unveil and she knew it! Maybe the next day I can be banging her inexperienced in the bedroom!

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