Brea and Jessee Just Can’t Resist Licking Each Others Pussies

June 12, 2007 – 9:06 am

Brea and Jessee had been friends for years. They were so close, they even went to the same high-school. Brea and Jessee had been “allies with benefits” since their freshman year. Every scarcely any weeks, the girls would receive jointly, acquire completely wasted, and go at it like there was no tomorrow.

One weekend, Jessee decided to stay home and not go out with the other sorority cuties to the strip club. That babe had a large exam the following week, so this babe stayed behind to study. Brea was in the same class, so this babe studied with Jessee. But marvelous in a short time, they were studying each other. Brea came over to Jessee’s desk and pulled up her reservoir top, revealing the merry little bazookas this babe had been thinking about for the final sixty minutes. This babe tweaked Jessee’s areolas and sucked her love muffins, making Jessee squirm in her chair. Then Brea moved her hands down to Jessee’s jeans; she unbuttoned her trousers and pulled ’em down, taking Jessee’s thong knickers with them. Brea slid her fingers into Jessee’s sexy pussy and discovered this babe was succulent with anticipation.

Jessee leaned back in her chair and widen her legs for Brea’s tongue. Brea buried her face betwixt Jessee’s haunches and groaned at the smack of her moist fur pie. That babe sucked Jessee’s swollen clit, tongueing and slurping Jessee towards orgasm. Jessee’s body clenched and then released her large O all over Brea’s lips. Brea sucked up each drop of Jessee’s juices, tongueing her lips in fun. Then this babe got on all fours on the floor, presenting her lustrous luscious fur pie to Jessee for a little taste.

Jessee slid behind Brea and stuck her fingers into Brea’s seize. She felt Brea’s muscles contract around her fingers and she thrust them in further, making Brea squeal in longing. That babe lowered her face to Brea’s love button and sucked her, bringing her to agonorgasmos in seconds and happily licking with tongue her sperm off her pink flaps.

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