Anissa Kate

February 22, 2019 – 1:34 am

Anissa Kate Anissa Kate
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Anissa Kate is sexually excited. Very horny. And when Anissa’s clit throbs as much as it’s pulsating this afternoon, this babe swipes right. A lot. This day, after "sizing up" all the online schlong photos this babe is asked for, Anissa has chosen 3 males with the massive schlongs…because, let us face it…size matters. After collision and greeting her 3 new copulate buddies, Anissa changes into her hawt lingerie and heads out to entertain her recent allies. That’s when the bother started. You see, one of the fellahs is a "catfish". If you are unfamiliar with the term, a catfish sends fake images. This time, Jay the Catfish sent Anissa pics of the astronomical dicks he could discover online. But they weren’t his. So when the dongs come out, Jay’s fib is exposed! Jay the Catfish immediately turns into Jay the Cuckold, as this chab is compulsory to view…and that is it. View and jack his little dinky. During the time that the real bucks take turns using all 3 of Anissa’s impressive holes until they drop a tremendous amount of ball cream all over Anissa’s marvelous titties. This is when Jay the Cuckold turns into Jay the Cleanup Boi!
Anissa Kate Anissa Kate

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