Andie Valentino And April Blossom In Steamy Lesbo Action

March 13, 2007 – 3:06 am

I’ve been watching Andie and April do their thing for years now. Andie is a housemate of mine and ever since the 1st day I moved in, I knew that this goddess was going to be smth else to live with. What I didn’t quite realize however, is that I would be skilled to observe Andie, and her truly hot girlfriend April enjoyment each other and play with others’ clits all the time. I love watching them play with each other. They appear to be so gentle and delicate with every other, but at the same time, they know exactly what they are doing. They can make each other moan in joy for hours and hours on end, and they give every other the most explosive orgasms you’ve ever watched.

It truly is something to see 2 marvelous beauties go all out on every other like that, but that is exactly what Andie and April do to each other’s clits every weekend. The high reaching thing of all about them though is that they let me check out every minute of it. I have seen Andie and April eat every other out, play with each other’s pussies, lick each other’s love tunnels, screw every other with fingers and dildos and everything else you can imagine. I have even viewed ’em telling each other that they like every other.

What indeed drives me crazy about them though is how much they like to have an audience. There is something so excited about 2 cuties who wan to get off having a excited boy look at them. They’ll even let me stroke whilst I view them, and I’ve come, tens of times right in front of them. The bigger quantity noise I make and the bigger in size the mess I make the better, as far as they are concerned. Their solely rule is that I am not allowed to touch them.

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