Amateur Video Specials: 14:56 Minute Video of Barbie Page

December 27, 2007 – 4:30 pm

Non-professional Movie Specials: 14:56 Minute Movie scene of Barbie Page

Barbie is a 48-year-old, divorced, stay-at-home Mother from Tamarac, Florida. That alone should be sufficient to acquire you rock hard previous to you even initiate watching this episode. Here’s more: Barbie enjoys being manhandled when this babe copulates. “I’m little, and fellows love grabbing my booty, lifting me up, spiking my little twat on their pecker and pumping me hard,” this babe told. “I admit it, I turn into a total wench when I’m screwing. I do not need romance. I need a rigid dick driving my love tunnel, and I need it all the time!”

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