Alura Jenson

December 15, 2019 – 6:41 pm

Alura Jenson Alura Jenson
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Whats a step-mom to do when her rotten, good-for-nothing, cash losing, son of her husband gets dragged in by a pair of bucks looking for twenty grand? That babe makes him pay certainly. And not just out of his high-school fund. She tells the thugs who have the scrawny halfwit by his collar that not merely will this babe double what that gent owes ’em if they accede to bonk her, but shes plan to blackmail her oozy step son as well. Hes intend to see and at not time breathe a word of it to anyone. After a during the time that junior acquires some specific attention and learns an important life lesson: that honeys actually solely want darksome weenie and that there is no substitute for it.
Alura Jenson Alura Jenson
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