Allie and Lee Make Each Other Cum Like Crazy

September 3, 2007 – 11:53 am

Allie and GENE haven’t been courting for lengthy, but they bonk like they have been together for years. LEON can make Allie come nearly as soon as this chab pushes his biggest penis into her love tunnel, and Allie can make DENNIS shoot cum across the room just by sitting on his jock for a hardly any minutes. These 2 are one hawt couple.

JOHN asked Allie to undress for him, which she did. This babe pulled her tank top over her head, showing off her slight little bosoms. DAN pinched her nipps, making her wet crack wetter than it already was; Allie pulled her skirt off and then stripped away her little knicker belts which were already moist throughout with her cunt cream.

Allie pulled Lee’s schlong without his trousers and began to engulf him. This babe not fast inched her lips down over the shaft of Lee’s hardness, going slowly to torment him. Finally, VERNON couldn’t wait for her and this skirt chaser grabbed that back of her head and coercive his rod down her throat. Allie groaned excitedly, loving the feeling of his penis sliding into her face hole.

When LESLIE had enough of Allie’s throat, he laid her on the sofa and opened her hips. This chab fingered her little snatch, caressing her special spot until she came all over his hand. RANDY pushed every inch of his wang into Allie’s quivering pussy, and he watched her cum afresh on his big ding-dong.

JACK thrust his prick into Allie deeper than this chab had ever gone, riding her slipperiness with ease. He felt the pressure in his testicles and knew this chab needed to shoot his load. RAFAEL pulled himself from Allie’s cunt and positioned himself over her face. Allie opened her throat to receive the mouthful of sexy cum that WARREN sprayed over her tongue, then Allie licked him clean and sucked the tip of his strapon to get each last drop.

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