Aliana and Lisa love to suck and lick each other

November 27, 2007 – 3:00 am

When people would watch Aliana and Lisa walk down the street, heads would turn. With Aliana’s striking dark hair and Lisa’s blond highlights, they were a fashionable couple of friends that made everyone take notice. But while they were ‘just’ allies for a ages, one night, it was time for them to become smth bigger in size amount.

Lisa wanted Aliana and made no secret of it. Whenever this babe could, she would try to touch her, tease her, and even kiss her. Lisa could feel the raunchy tension and after a scarcely any drinks one night, that babe decided to make her move. Lisa decided to brandish Aliana how that babe indeed felt.

Sometimes they would sit around nude anyways, so Lisa leaned over and started sucking on Aliana’s giant teat. Licking and engulfing, Aliana started to feel her snatch acquire moist. It felt so nice to have Lisa teasing her breast. But while that was feeling gorgeous sexy to Aliana, Lisa wanted to go further.

Pushing Aliana back onto the ottoman, Lisa admired Aliana’s bald twat. That babe licked and sucked on the folds of Aliana’s slit, trying to identify her peculiar spots that would make her scream with pleasure. Aliana could barely contain herself this babe felt so good. This babe moved into Lisa’s face hole and hungrily wanted more and more from her.

But Lisa was not the solely one that was going to acquire some act. With a silicone vibrator in hand, Aliana began to pound into Lisa’s oozing grab, rewarding Lisa for all of her rock hard work. And with a pink vibrator in hand, Lisa thrust into Aliana from behind, helping to relieve the raunchy tension that had been building as this babe thrust into Lisa with the silicone penis.

“What an excellent friend I have,” murmured Aliana. Lisa smiled and thought to herself, “You have no idea what else I have in store for you.”

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