Aaliyah Like & Natalia Queen

March 27, 2019 – 7:02 pm

Aaliyah Like & Natalia Queen Aaliyah Adore & Natalia Queen
Aaliyah Love & Natalia Queen @ WatchingMyDaughterGoBlack.com
There’s a house at the end of the block where 2 strumpets live, and their names are Aaliyah and Natalia. They’re one as well as the other liars, also. As you know, the "acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree", and this mother-daughter team are just terrific when it comes to one thing: cheating. Just view barely-legal Natalia! She’s just got home from the beach, where this babe picked up a man 3 times her age…and now she is giving him a "blowie" in her bedroom as he works her freshly-shaved grab! And just down the hall? Natalia’s Mama, Aaliyah, is getting pounded by her lover in her marital daybed during the time that Husband is unyielding at work! What happens when the one and the other doxies catch in every other "in the act"? Sure enough, they end up back in mom’s bedroom, and one as well as the other chaps take turns pounding away until both dudes fill their inflated wet cracks with their man cream. "I hope you remembered your birth control, young dominatrix," Mom says, as the one and the other ladies chuckle away during the time that the ooze leaks from their freshly-fucked vaginas.
Aaliyah Like & Natalia Queen Aaliyah Like & Natalia Queen

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