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Just divorced and hungry for dick!

Monday, January 31st, 2011

Just divorced and hungry for dick!

Sasha is newly divorced. That babe is 5’6″, weighs 122 pounds, wears 34B bras and wears Victoria’s Secret straps. She is a sales associate in a furniture showroom. “Although the divorce was all my ex-husband’s doing–he left me for a female 10-years older than him–I resolved not to be a weepy, oh-pity-me divorcee, but to get right back into the courting world. But I did take the bastard for each cent I could! I soon found that most of the bucks of the age I would normally consider go out with who hang out in bars and undress clubs are either cheating husbands or are emotionally drilled up. A divorced ally introduced me to the cougar scene. It’s exactly what I wanted,” said Sasha. “I know what I want: fine sex and orgasms, and the 20something fellows know what they want: fine sex without commitment. It’s flawless! My ally and I hunt together, talking to groups of studs till we see that we each have an interested lad. Then we go back to her place, have a couple of drinks then go off to acquire our jollies. Oral-sex, then two or three copulates at a pair of orgasms a pop and I’m contented untill next time. Merely real guys need to stay the night for bigger in size amount joy…and breakfast.”

Just divorced and hungry for wang!

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Helping her bisexual guy come out

Friday, January 28th, 2011

Helping her bi-sexual fellow come out

“I work in a raiment store for youthful people” said Noye. “I hang around with the other staff-and one boy in particular. Everybody thinks he’s homo and this gent makes out that he is, but I know this chab goes for girls, also. Damn, do I know! He’s excellent in daybed, and he gets me off so powerful and so many times that he’s probably spoiling me for other chaps in the future. I am sure nobody suspects that we sleep together-till they watch the mag, that’s. It will be, like, his bisexual coming out and my bare initial appearance. I hope it doesn’t cost me my job, but I have wanted to do this since I used to read NN with a lad I dated last year.”

Helping her bi erotic guy come out

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Hot Pussy For Cold Nights

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Hot Slit For Cold Nights

This 19-year-old sweetie from Colorado is not a prudish goodie-goodie (as her nipple piercings will confirm). She puts on a solo diddle session that will acquire u hot and bothered on the coldest night. We reckon that you’ll be panting, sweating and cumming right along with her. Enjoy Jessie, boyz…you merit it!

Hot Muff For Cold Nights

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The younger half of our only mom-daughter combo

Monday, January 24th, 2011

The younger half of our merely mom-daughter combo

U got an introduction to Monica back in our October ’10, all-cougar issue when that babe posed with her Mama, Jessica, who is 53. What a mother-daughter combo eh? No, boys…they don’t do trios, sorry! Those are the solo pictures that gave us our 1st glimpses of Monica, previous to she did the duett act with her Mother. And who took those fotos? It was Jessica…who else! “If I can still look as sexy when I’m Fifty three as my Mamma does, I’ll be real happy,” said Monica. “She has a great sex life-better than mine some of the time. (Yes we talk about anything, and I mean anything!) My mom’s a cougar, and this babe doesn’t have any trouble hooking up with younger lads when that babe wishes some act. This babe always brings a boy home, but our bedrooms are on different sides of the house so I don’t hear sex noises and ram. The lads who need to stay over and weren’t sent home in the midst of the night coz they sucked in daybed are always surprised to watch me in the kitchen in the morning in one of my sexy, little teddies. My Mother doesn’t go with a younger hot lady-killer greater amount than three or four times,” told Monica. “Sure, there have been three or four of ‘her’ boys just a hardly any years older than me-who have asked me out and I’ve done it; solely after checking with my Mother to see what the chap was like, especially in ottoman. After numerous dates, I discovered that none of them were truly my sort. Funny thing: none of them wanted to screw me at my place, they all wanted to take me home with ’em. I guess they figured my Mother would listen at the door or something. Yeah, a pair of them asked me about a three-some with her.”

The younger half of our only mom-daughter combo

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A sexy honey from Kathmandu. Really!

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

A sexy hottie from Kathmandu. Truly!

Maya was born and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal. “I’m working real rock hard to graduate, so I don’t have much spare time for courting, but I do have a ‘friend with benefits’ and we acquire together for an hour or so whenever we can,” Maya said.
“Maybe we go twat a burger or something, but mostly we just go to daybed and shag. There’s no thing like a hardly any orgasms from sex to make me feel greater quantity astonishing! I knew I wanted my own nudie fame as soon as my friend showed me some issues of NN. He was obviously delighted.”

A hot beauty from Kathmandu. Indeed!

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Switching from studying to screwing!

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Switching from studying to rogering!

“I’m taking environmental studies, but it is awful hard and I’m a bad first-year student, so I’m probably plan to drop out,” said Lizzie. My folks are a bit pissed, but they don’t crave to waste money, either. I posed to get cash to keep me
going till I acquire a job. I would like to work in a music or clothes store. I love music and hawt garments and talking to
people, so I’d be valuable at it. But I am really thinking rock hard about moving to LA with my girlfriend to do porn full time. The money’s great, I love sex and I would not care what people might think or say.”

Switching from studying to banging!

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Pool Pussy Party Part 2

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Pool Wet crack Party Part 2

Megan (Twenty one) and Jessie (Eighteen) have one as well as the other been-solo-in Wicked neighbors mag. Later, they one as well as the other decided that they wanted to copulate a SCORE Group fellow for the mag, too. The cuties met every other for the 1st time in our office and went to lunch jointly. When they returned, they asked if they could give up their video-cherries together. So they went for a dip with a pair of our dudes, and Megan got her crave. (U saw Jessie in act final week.)

Pool Twat Party Part 2

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She got naughty…in hiding

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

She got hiding

“My hubby and I still live at home,” said Jocalynn. “We have this spot to go to where we can be alone and not be disturbed much unless folks are out on their boats. We hang out, sunbathe, barbecue, drink beer and ram, but we always copulate in his SUV ’cause of the bugs. It was the obvious place to use to acquire those photos for NN. We’re intend to
use the cash to go to a motel now and then so we can have sex in a comfy ottoman for a change and shower jointly
and do other hawt things.”

She got hiding

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